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Update # 492 - June 29, 2006 - 55 pictures

Sparkly outfit in a natural setting so just have to get "au naturale" - the red flowers are blooming just like the petals of my pink ...

Update # 491 - June 27, 2006 - 94 pictures

Slot machines are my downfall ... which is why I rarely try... but when you can slide up to a slot in a lacy outfit and even tongue the knob on the pull handle - you just gotta try. Want to put your knob in my slot?

Update # 490 - June 25, 2006 - 86 pictures

Not many people like the smell of a cigar so I get sent outside but I'm a nudist at heart and if there is water involved I'm even happier ! I get this big cigar lit and start puffing away. The long elongated shape just has to tested out.

Update # 489 - June 23, 2006 - 89 pictures

Working out is always easier without clothes and you can get in some surprising positions on exercise equipment!

Update # 488 - June 21, 2006 - 94 pictures

With the weather here in the triple digits I just had to get into this pool with the waterfall fully dressed in a filmy gown that clings. I take off everything and spread out for the sun to dry me off.

Update # 487 - June 19, 2006 - 85 pictures - 42 minutes of video

Panty with attached garters, red stockings and silk chemise ... and notice the upskirt views?

Update # 486 - June 17, 2006 - 67 pictures - 8 minutes of video

Car crush - little pink thong - black stilettos and I'm smashing all the toy cars that got left in the hallway.

Update # 485 - June 15, 2006 - 75 pictures + 40 minutes of video

Lacy stockings and notice how tightly the corset is tied? Only one string in the back to make sure my waist is nipped in and the see-thru thong begs to be pulled down with your teeth.

Members get almost 40 minutes of video that includes vibrating anal plug.

Update # 484 - June 13, 2006 - 93 pictures

Just couldn't resist throwing this outfit on and dipping my fingers into the sparkling water .... it's HOT here in Las Vegas (triple digits) and thought I'd sit in the shade so I wouldn't burn my 'bum'. When the lacy tap pants came off I dribbled water over my hot pussy.

Update # 483 - June 11, 2006 - 86 pictures

A tawny yellow "cougar" (a middle-aged or above woman, dressed to the nines, out on the prowl looking for young 20-35 year old men - another word for MILF). Watch me stretch and hear me roar!

Update # 482 - June 9, 2006 - 66 pictures - 4 minutes of video

Monster Smash - Or was that monster bash - it just seemed like the thing to do - throw a lot of dildos into the tub and smash and step all over them ... even played kick a dick - members video really shows that off.

Update # 481 - June 7, 2006 - 50 pictures

Long day and figured I'd slip into something more 'comfortable' and have a cigarette or two. Doesn't take long to get excited and slip out of everything - just wish there was something to slip into me.

Update # 480 - June 5, 2006 - 101 pictures - 18 minutes of video

I tried to blow up a beach ball - without much success and then pulled out a bag of balloons ... they kept popping while I was blowing them! Hurt the underside of my nose ... so I decided to stuff a few under my top for that 40DD look - LOL - little sucker popped in there too! Was almost too scared to try and sit on one - thought it might pop on my poontang and really mess up things.

Update # 479 - June 3, 2006 - 85 pictures

I smoke 1 to 2 packs a day - just seems to happen while I'm sitting in my office area and what's better than a sexy MILF smoking? A naked MILF smoking!

Age is catching up to me ...have to wear glasses to 'read' ... guess that definitely makes me a MILF?

Update # 478 - June 1, 2006 - 48 pictures - 4 minutes

Don't ask - lol - saw some hula hoops at the toy store - so thought I'd try - 1st mistake was high heel shoes - 2nd mistake - trying - just couldn't quite get it to work - not sure if I ever learned how - but when I pull it up between my lips ....mmmmmm

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