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Update # 317 - 62 Pictures + 2 CLIPs (9 min) - Shimmery little outfit with my big ole butt sliding out of it ... and members get 2 video clips watching Candi Squirt ! Want to get a hint of what it looks like in motion? Check out the FREE video clip.

Update # 316 - 121 Pictures + CLIP (16 min) - Baby oil hand job - and I definitely slather on the baby oil and even suck some of it off! We took pictures and had a video camera on a tripod too - so pictures have angles and closeups - video is stationary but it's ALL good - here is just a taste of what members get to see and members ALWAYS get 640x480 instead of 320x240.
Update # 315 - 62 Pictures - What would you like me to serve up to you in the kitchen? Definitely hot and spicy and I enjoy cream in my coffee - actually prefer the cream and don't mind skipping the coffee - LOL.

Update # 314 - 54 Pictures + 4 CLIPs (28 min) - Lacy little briefs and tight blue jean skirt and the video shows me squirting thru those lace panties of course with all of the other video clips showing lots of squirting streams and gushing - I'm always horny!

Update # 313 - 60 Pictures + CLIP (6 min) - Vacuumn and a little lace french maid outfit - this was completely videotaped and quite a surprise for me - I have NEVER tried to see what the suction of a vacuumn cleaner was like and was pleasantly surprised - my clit was so tender afterwards... members will get the ENTIRE 6 minute video clip.
Update # 312 - 54 Pictures - Red silk, white silk and pink that is silky to the touch ... and the feeling of all that silk was very arrousing.

Update # 311 - 50 Pictures + 4 CLIPs (24 min) - I tried to do the Marilyn Monroe skirt blowing - tell me if you think it came out ? If you like pantyhose and foot you'll love this set and the video clips show me with a crotchless pair of pantyhose and yes - I do squirt thru the open crotch.

Update # 310 - 50 Pictures + CLIP (3 min) - As promised - here is another set of pictures in that sparkly swimsuit that I took a few weeks ago
Update # 309 - 83 Pictures + CLIP (5 min) - Devilyn and I are both squirters and once a year we try to have our annual squirting contest - Dueling Pussy - waiting on the video from the other camera before we release this as a full movie but I've got a special preview just for members inside. Much better lighting (outside) and BadBoy takes much better video footage! Hear our soaking wet pussies and see us squirt on each other! And no we only lasted a little over 10 minutes - again - LOL. Want your girlfriend to do the same? It is DOABLE - just get this training ebook or tape.

Update # 308 - 54 Pictures - Layers on layers - first I start with Leggs pantyhose then I slip on a pair of Victoria Secret lace top thigh highs in red - followed by a pair in baby pink ... with a lacy red corset - what more can you want?

Update # 307 - 50 Pictures + 4 CLIPs (28 min) - Let freedom reign - a lot of 'hassle' about the 2257 compliance - so what is more appropriate than Red, White and Blue ! Very unique boots and a tight spandex cat suit - video clip of me squirting THRU the spandex to make a big wet spot in my crotch!
Update # 306 - 63 Pictures + 3 CLIPs (15 min) - Join Mardi (Ass4Days) and I as we goof off in the pool -- seductively removing our tops and watching the water bead and roll off our big butts.

Update # 305 - 44 Pictures + 1 CLIP (5 min) - Found these old fashioned briefs - they even have 'legs' kinda of -- but being simple cotton - boy do they cling to my butt when I get them wet!

Update # 304 - 42 Pictures + 1 CLIP (4 min) - I started out in hot orange shorts and a tight little g-string but manage to get it all off pretty quickly - LOL
Update # 303 - 64 Pictures + 1 CLIP (5 min) - I love high heels - own over 100 pairs of stilettos and heels - and could barely walk over to the lounge chair wearing these - LOL. Watch as I peel off the one-piece bathing suit

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