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This is NOT piss ... it is estimated that between 5% and 15% of the female population have the ability to ejaculate - very similiar to the male ejaculation. Inside of a woman there is a gland that operates similar to the prostate gland in a male. With proper pressure applied to the g-spot (Grafenberg) a woman will have a sensation similiar to needing to urinate along with intense vaginal contractions and if allowed to proceed will culminate in a strong orgasm with fluid ejaculation (either spray or stream).

The liquid will sometimes come from the urethea (same place that your seminal fluid comes from) and also the entire walls ooze small amounts of the fluid. It is clear, odorless and tasteless for the most part. I've learned that drinking LOTS of soft drinks gives it a sweeter taste. It is coming from the urethea so the first orgasm may have a 'hint' of urine - this is normal - and is just the cleaning out of the urethea tract.

Streams can be anywhere from inches to 6-8 feet - sometimes it will shoot straight up .. this depends on the female's anatomy.

Studies have shown that Kegel exercises dramatically improve the ability to ejaculate. I've been practicing Kegel since I first read about it in late 70's. My first extremely wet orgasm was in the '70's while I was still a teenager ... I honestly thought it was the guy's 'experience and knowledge'. Needless to say I married him ... I continued to 'marry' the guys that were able to make me squirt (5 of them) and finally learned enough about my own body to allow me to bring myself to a g-spot orgasm in 2002.

Are there fakes? Yes of course -- women have been faking orgasms for eons -- and photographers have learned that you can insert the liquid then pull back and have the woman push it out ... of course those type of shots are only good 'once'! Watch my cam shows and I"ll show you 10 to 40 back to back squirting orgasms ... I NEVER fake an orgasm.

Can you pee and cum at the same time? Women can't either...