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Just a little information to let you get a feel for who I am ... I'm ½ German – ¼ Scottish – ¼ Irish – just means I can drink like a fish – hair has red highlights and sometimes I have a bad temper :)
I'm 49 -- born 1-16-59 (which makes me a Capricorn) in Houston ... which makes me one of those Southern Girls ... with that soft slow Texas drawl.
JOKE: Do you know why Southern girls are more popular than Northern girls? A Northern girl will say will YOU come here ... a Southern girl will say YA'LL cum here...

I'm married – 6th time !


Guess you want to know some of the measurement kind of stuff right off huh? Keep in mind that this is a work in process - LOL. I've lost over 30 pounds since September '03 and still have about 20 more to go to get down to my "fighting" weight of 145 which is what I was at 25 (drop dead gorgeous then - LOL - found a picture and will be adding it shortly). Actually there are pictures ranging from a high of 204 down to my current weight of 145.

Height 5'4" Weight 145
Breasts (can still pass pencil test) was 38C Waist was 33"
Hips was 44" Calves was 16"
Really need to remeasure everything - I've lost a LOT of weight!
Favorites (for enquiring minds)
Color Most shades of blue and of course fire engine red Drink Rum & Coke -- used to be Turkey 101 straight ... guess I'm getting a little older ...
Perfume Absolute favorite is Yves Chantre but anything that is musky, jasmine or with magnolia or gardenias. Music Honestly like it all -- country makes me cry too much, heavy metal is just too heavy but enjoy hip hop, reggae, jazz, celtic, rock & roll, 40's and Mozart.
I have it bad ... LOL ... own over 100 pairs of high heel (4" plus) shoes and about 10 pairs of boots
Basic Stuff to know
This is my only job – although I do design web sites personally (since ’95) and I’ve held a variety of jobs over the years – Firefighter (trying to find a picture of that), EMT, Computer Programmer (20 yrs), Software Publisher, Business Analyst and Realestate Salesperson
Hobbies Reading - 900 wpm and hike whenever I get the chance - camping but it's been awhile.
Activities I read 3-5 books, hike anywhere from 2-5 miles and cook at least 1 gourmet meal ... all of this on a weekly basis
I am bi-sexual but very much prefer the company of gentlemen and Members are very aware that my pussy is completely bare and those that have been there - LOL - soft as a baby's butt
You’ve heard the saying that it takes one million dollars to raise a child from birth to age 18 … well my daughter is 28 and I finally marring her off … I KNOW I did not make a million – LOL – but I’m looking forward to making the 2nd so that I get to spend it on me and not her.